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We Are Upstanders


Let’s all go out and be

“Upstanders Not Bystanders”


Silver Oak has an anti-bully campaign where we promote being an Upstander not a Bystander.


We are looking for those individuals who have stepped up to support others in situations when help is needed; those students who go the extra mile to stand up to someone who’s bullying others. Our philosophy is to stop bullying by showing positive acts towards the person being bullied. This could be showing empathy to those being bullied, using words of encouragement, and including others to play when they are being excluded. We are also looking for students who don’t let situations go unreported. Students are involved by filling out Upstander slips for those who have helped them in those ways.


Principal Greenfield acknowledges students who have been recognized as being an Upstander every Friday during morning announcements.



Expect Respect

At Silver Oak, our objective is to teach not only math, history, language arts, etc., but to also educate students about the intricacies of bullying and how to prevent it. At the forefront of the anti-bullying movement is the Expect Respect group. Expect Respect is a group of teacher-selected students who meet every week to discuss ways to prevent all kinds of bullying. Led by Principal Greenfield, this group not only prevents bullying, but it also runs the Saber Stop! Thank you for your support!


by Alex L. (member of Expect Respect)

Student Assembly

Silver Oak's Expect Respect Team

Teaches Students About Respect




Just Being Mean Social Conflict


Silver Oak 1st - 6th graders attended an assembly this week to understand the differences between bullying, just being mean and social conflict. The assembly started off with students viewing this video "Leaving a Positive Footprint" from Grimmer Elementary School in Fremont. This was followed by an interactive session where the Silver Oak Expect Respect Team, made up of 5th and 6th graders, presented scenarios and skits of real life situations then asked the audience to vote on what behavior they saw: Bullying, Just Being Mean or Social Conflict. Many thanks to the Expect Respect Team for all their hard work in creating and writing the content for this interesting and informative assembly.


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Classroom Upstander Campaign Posters

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