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What Can Parents Do?


Reaching parents during an emergency is paramount. Please review or create your PowerSchool accounts and make sure your emergency contact information is current. A quick link to PowerSchool is located on the front page of the school website. Knowing what to do during an emergency is also vital. Please take a minute to go to the school website and review the Safety Procedures outlined under the Parent Resources tab. 


Security at Silver Oak

Increased Security at Silver Oak

The safety of our students, staff and school is our utmost concern at Silver Oak. Over the past two years, Silver Oak has increased security systems and changed security and emergency processes in an effort to build confidence and increase a feeling of safety at our school. Each year, with input from parents, the community and faculty, improvements and changes are made to Silver Oak School’s comprehensive school safety plan (CSSP).  Ideas and feedback collected through these annual surveys have been instrumental in creating some of these new emergency and security systems and processes:


Safety Improvements at Silver Oak

  • New self-locking door locks on all exterior doors throughout the school. During school hours all doors are locked.
  • Improved parent, volunteer and visitor check in and out process. Visitors are required to enter and sign in through the school front office.
  • Reduced the amount of visitors on school grounds during drop off, pick up and throughout the day.
  • Restricted visitor access with a yellow line around the playground during drop off and pick up.
  • Teachers and staff are more easily identified by wearing badges.
  • Fortified interior storage workrooms with a motion detector, special glass, bars and deadlocks.
  • Erected fencing and gates near the bus loop, by the teachers' parking lot and behind the baseball backstop to make our campus less open.
  • Reconfigured all interior door locks.
  • Physically secured desktop computers to desks.
  • Piloting desktop and laptop computer security software.
  • Implemented new classroom security protocols.
  • Created a step-by-step emergency process for parents that is easily accessible under the Parent Resources tab on the Silver Oak school website.
  • A robust communication system called PowerSchool was implemented that lets Silver Oak and Evergreen School District to quickly reach parents through email, text and automated phone calls.
  • Relationships have been re-established or newly created with the fire and police departments and surrounding community to define response roles in the event of an emergency.
  • Increased education and training drills for teachers in how to best respond in all forms of emergency events.
  • Increased education and training drills for students on what they need to do in the event of an emergency. 
  • A new student evacuation process was established and drills conducted to quickly move students and staff away from the school. 
  • Silver Oak conducts 10 emergency drills throughout the year, each with a different focus (intruder, fire, and earthquake).


While we have taken steps internally to make sure that our building and equipment are more secure, we need your help. In addition to the changes made by the school, we ask that parents help by being on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. If you see anything suspicious during school hours call the office. If you see something taking place after school hours, on weekends or during holidays call law enforcement.

More Information

Many parents feel at a loss about how to approach the subject of school violence with their children. Here are some good resources on how to help you child cope, discuss issues of violence and hate, and keep your school safe: