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iTeach, iLearn, iPad

2nd Grade iPad Program



The goal of iTeach with iPads is to create a digital learning environment that helps students not only meet, but exceed academic standards in an atmosphere of critical thinking and collaboration.



iPads were chosen after careful consideration because they represent the most widely accepted device with the widest range of applications available. Apple has a head start on this technology.



The iTeach with iPads is a bold, creative initiative to integrate mobile devices, laptop computers, and digital content and apps into the curriculum to create an educational environment that supports and accelerates student learning.

Based on best practices and models used in other successful districts – Escondido Union School District (CA), Canby School District (OR), Corcoran Unified School District (CA), and Chicago Public Schools (IL), the Silver Oak iTeach with iPads program will implement iPad devices, MacBook computers, digital content, and educational apps to give teachers greater ability to:

• motivate and engage digital native learners,

• differentiate instruction,

• immediate feedback,

• individualize and personalize student learning,

• develop more project-based learning opportunities for students, and

• extend learning beyond the classroom and school day,

• less down time



The English Language Arts (ELA) and Math curricular areas.



"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." – Alvin Toffler


Silver Oak School’s technology vision was designed in conjunction with the construction of the facility.  The school’s initial leadership team incorporated the emerging use of technology as part of the school’s curricular emphasis.  Technology became an essential tool for effective learning that has continued and evolved to today.


In order to maintain productive technology tools, the school designed and has consistently funded a technology replacement plan to ensure students have access to the most effective technological learning tools.  Partnership funding between the school, Silver Oak PTO, School Site Council, partnerships, and grants/awards has provided students with classroom access to a variety of technology-based educational tools.


Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade have direct access to four networked Apple desktop computers in each classroom that are connected to a high-speed fiber optic internet network.  Upper grade students in 4th - 6th grades have access to six networked Apple desktop computers in every classroom.  Students in both the primary and upper grades also have class-wide access to several wireless laptop carts and enterprise networked printers.


Each classroom teacher is equipped with a laptop computer and digital document cameras connected to digital projectors to complement direct instruction.


This seamless use of technology complements Silver Oak’s use of effective traditional learning, study, and organizational tools.


Classroom Computers

Classroom computers are used as a cornerstone for Silver Oak Elementary School's AR reading programs, as well as tools for writing, math and research. PTO also provides online resource software in the form of Discovery Online and Brain Pop services, which allows teachers to have access to thousands of articles, movies, teaching materials and other content to create a robust science and social studies curriculum.


iPads in Silver Oak Classrooms

Kindergarten Loves Their iPads

by Lisa Trusso


The kindergarten teachers were very excited to be included in the iPad program that began with the 2012-2013 school year.  Because the beginning of every school year brings a variety of ability levels to kindergarten, having iPads in the classroom further allowed the kindergarten teachers the ability to differentiate for student need. Another advantage to using this new technology is for peer coaching which strengthens all students involved. Read more...


ipads in class.jpg


2nd Grade Teachers Find Many Ways

to Use iPads in Their Classrooms

by Katie Clemmensen and Alison Yang


Second grade students and teachers at Silver Oak agree, it has been an amazing experience having iPads in their classrooms this year. Throughout the year, the second grade teachers have worked hard as a team finding and applying iPad apps to enhance all subjects they teach. And while the year wasn’t without some technical challenges, overall it is unanimous that the second grade teachers all see tremendous potential in continuing to use iPads as a teaching tool in the future.


Many things have happened since the student’s first received their iPads in November 2012. At Open House later this month, second grade students will show parents just what they have been working on this year with their iPads. For those of you who will not be able to see these accomplishments, here is a highlight of some of the great learning that has gone on this year.


In Math, students are currently working on fractions using Pizza Fractions and more...


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2nd Grade iPad Apps