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Here's what our parents and students have to say about PTO-sponsored programs:


luca_80.jpgLuca S. - Sixth Grade

"I like international night because I get to learn about a lot of different countries and cultures. I especially enjoy the variety of food and the entertainment is always fun! It's a great evening!"  Luca S.




Colin B. - Fifth Grade

"My son took the Java Programming class provided by the PTO and loved it!  He learned how to program a computer with simple commands -- stuff I learned in college!  I'm grateful for the learning opportunity PTO provides outside the classroom, taught by parents with expertise in the subject."  Colin's Mom



Ryker R. - Second Grade

"I like Mr. Powell because he has lots of fun activities. We get to sing different songs and I come home and share them with my family. I would be sad if Mr. Powell didn't come back because we wouldn't sing any more songs. He makes us smile and laugh." Ryker R.

Pledge Drive 2013

Pledge Drive Ends at Amazing
$128k and 83% Participation!

A tremendous thanks goes out to the 83% of you who supported the PTO Pledge Drive!

You should be proud of the final results!

Click below for final results, winners,
and party details:
Class level details Ice Cream Party
"Honor Roll" Donut Party
Field Trip Pizza Party
Style Your Tile

PTO Pledge Drive Honor Roll



Thank you to all the families who have already pledged!  Pledges of any amount are welcome and help support your child's education!  The Pledge Drive "Honor Roll" is a list of all the students who have pledged as of September 30 @ 9pm.  If you pledged after that time you will be included in the next weekly update.  Click here to see the latest "Honor Roll" list.

Pledge Drive Special Offers & Prizes

Take Advantage of the Pledge Drive’s

Special Offers and Prizes!


  • New as of Wed 9/18: All children who pledge (any amount) will be invited to a group donut party in the multipurpose room.
  • Silver Pledge ($350/child):  12”x12” tile (a $350 value!) to be displayed on the school wall.


  • Gold Pledge (above $350/child):  12”x12” (a $350 value!) tile PLUS auction entry for Google Field Trip with Mrs. Gellman (3rd to 6th grades only).

All kids who pledge will receive a Silver Oak keychain.

ice cream.jpg pizza.jpg

All classes with 100% pledge

participation will win

an ice cream party!

The lower & upper class with the

highest pledge total will win a

pizza party with Mrs. Gellman!



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What is the PTO Pledge Drive?

The 2013 PTO Pledge Drive is the annual Parent-Teacher Organization fundraiser that raises money for school programs that are not funded by the School District.  The programs include technology, art, music, and language arts and are only made available at Silver Oak by your direct and generous contributions. Click here for a list of PTO Programs.


Why Should I Contribute?


  • 85% of the $158k PTO spending goes directly into the classroom (technology, art, music, and language arts) and benefits all children.
  • In order to support these programs, the PTO invests approximately $250 per child every year.
  • The programs are dependent on adequate funding -- if the pledge drive doesn't meet our funding targets, we will have to add additional fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Don't expect someone else to pay for your child's benefits!

If you have pledge drive questions please contact Dixie Lopes or Mary Suh at soepto@gmail.com for more information.


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What Are The Different Pledge Levels?

bronze_75.jpg Bronze Level:  $250/child
  • This is the PTO’s Suggested Minimum.
  • The PTO spends approximately $250 per child every year.

Silver Level 1, 3 : $350/child


Gold Level 1 , 2:  More than $350/child (You set the price!)

  • Includes a 12”x12” Style Your Tile (a $350 value!)  --   your child will be able to personally decorate this tile and it will be added to the Wall of Tiles on the exterior of the school for all to see.
  • First 10 highest pledges per child will win a field trip to Google with Mrs. Gellman (only grades 3 to 6 are eligible for this field trip).

Honorable Mention:  Below $250/child – (You set the price!)


Please note:
The pledge levels/ prizes are based on personal contributions only.  They do not include corporate matching funds.  Corporate match contribution is above and beyond pledge amount.
1:  If you choose the Silver or Gold option for a child and you have more than one child at Silver Oak, please ensure each child has AT LEAST a $250 pledge.
2:  In the event that the 10 highest pledges include ties, earlier pledges will win based on a first-come, first-serve policy.

3: Your child will need to paint their tile during one of the designated painting sessions (details will be sent via email).  The volunteer team is unable to accommodate custom appointment requests.


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First Day of School

TIM_2072.jpg TIM_2088.jpg TIM_2092.jpg TIM_2097.jpg TIM_2102.jpg TIM_2111.jpg TIM_2116.jpg TIM_2118.jpg TIM_2120.jpg TIM_2127.jpg

Employer Matching Gift Programs


Donate using your employer’s matching gift program

There are many employers in the Bay Area who will match your contribution to PTO. Make your contribution mean even more! Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company provides a matching gift program. Click here for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Silver Oak PTO, is pleased to announce sponsorship opportunities for the 2013-14 school year. Being a Silver Oak sponsor is a great way to support your local elementary school, and at the same time, be promoted to the exclusive Silver Creek Valley Community and adjacent neighborhoods. Silver Oak PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing enrichment programs to the children of Silver Oak Elementary School.

Click on the link below to learn more about what PTO programs are available to sponsor:


    Sponsor a PTO Event at Silver Oak


For more information, contact Bala Sahejpal at balasahejpal@gmail.com.