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Student Achievements

Student of the Month

Each month, Silver Oak recognizes its students who have “made a difference in the classroom.” The goal of the Silver Oak Students of the Month program, begun in October 2015, is to reward teamwork, positive behavior, extra effort and good student citizenship. Teachers from each classroom in grades K-6 nominate students exhibiting a positive influence to classmates by showing respect, active participation in the classroom, dedication to work, and leadership. These students are recognized during a celebration with their parents the first Friday of each month. Students receive a certificate at the monthly celebration and are further recognized with their names displayed on the school's website for a month.


February 2016 Students of the Month




Gareth L.


Julia L.

Nara P.

Jacob T.

Nadezda L.


John Henry K.

Eesha B. 

Jake N.

Braden F. 



Teagan W. 

Nina F. 

Diamond G.

Anya I.

Matt S. 

Kiara R. 

Christopher W.


Candice P.

Ashwath V. 

Elizabeth L. 

Daryl B. 


Emma H. 

Christopher F. 

Chris Q. 

Nathan B. 

2015 Battle of the Books Champions Crowned

Our own Principal Greenfield hosted the Silver Oak PTO's 4th Annual Battle of the Books Finals at assemblies on October 28, to determine which team knew their books best. After two well-fought matches, Silver Oak has new champions for the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade levels.


To decide the 3rd/4th grade championship, the SO Giants faced off against the Book Angels. Both teams rallied, with the SO Giants flexing their literary muscle to take the crown for the second year in a row! Congratulations to 4th graders Keith T., Rishi S., Matthew S., Rishik G., Anton L. and Rohan M.


Next, the Book Bosses took on the Sorcerers to see which 5th/6th grade team would come out on top. After another exciting match, the Book Bosses triumphed, taking the title. Congratulations to 5th and 6th graders Michael L., Elizabeth L., Andrew Y., Calvin L. and Shweta S.!


We’d like to recognize all 87 third through sixth grade students who participated in this year’s Battle of the Books, and showed us how fun reading can be. 


Mark your calendars for next May, when the reading list for the 2016 Battle of the Books comes out. Who will be our next reading champions?

battle of the books-001.jpg
3rd/4th grade champions, the SO Giants, flexed their literary muscle to take the crown for the second year in a row. Congratulations to 4th graders Keith T., Rishi S., Matthew S., Rishik G., Anton L. and Rohan M.



The 5th/6th grader team, The Book Bosses, triumphed in 2015 to take the upper grade title. Congratulations to 5th and 6th graders Michael L., Elizabeth L., Andrew Y., Calvin L. and Shweta S.

Math Kangaroo 2015

math kangaroo.jpgOn March 19, 2015, 65 students from Silver Oak took the Math Kangaroo test. Over the course of 75 minutes, the students of grades 1 through 4 solved 24 questions, while those of 5th and 6th solved 30 questions. The questions were increasing in difficulty and the last few ones were really challenging for the grade levels. Questions are in a puzzle-like format that really challenge students’ logical and analytical skills.


Congratulations to all the Math Kangaroo students for taking on the test challenge, for working hard and for earning a good score. You make us proud!

Ten students of Silver Oak have made it to the National merit list. Linus T. (Grade 3) and Ethan T. (Grade 6) scored full marks with all answers correct and have a National and California first rank!










Linus T. 3 1 1
Ethan L. 3 6 4
Catherine L. 3 15 11
Arul M. 4 4 4
Elizabeth L. 4 8 8
Anthony T. 4 12 11
Saurish S. 4 17 16
Ethan T. 6 1 1
Alex L. 6 19 17
Sathvik S. 6 20 18


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2015 Science Fair

school winners.jpg

14 Silver Oak Students Advance to

2015 District Science Fair


Students invented, experimented and demonstrated some amazing projects during this year's 2015 Silver Oak Science Fair held Wednesday, March 4. Everyone give a BIG round of applause for these 14 students who were selected to take part in the Evergreen School District 2015 Science Fair, Thursday, March 19 at Quimby Oak Middle School.


Student Grade Project Title
Sophia W. Kinder Help, I am Melting!
Sarah S. First Where Does a Rainbow Come From?
Maya P. Second Melting Ice
Lauren C. Third Where Are Germs Hiding?
Ryan S. Third The Optimum Angle a Projectile Will Travel
Nicole J.  Third What Materials Can Contain Radioactive Particles?
Katrina M. Fourth Tremor Tracking Wearable Designed for Parkinson's Disease
Romina J. Fourth The Crib That You Want
Emily V. Fourth Cooling Collar
Hannah G. Fifth Guinea Pig Senses
Rachel H. Fifth A Recyclable Respiratory System
Meera B. Sixth Effects of Liquid and Solid Antacids on Gastric Acid
Reed M. Sixth Pressurized Egg Geodes
Isha M. Sixth Stop Motion


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2015 Spelling Bee

Silver Oak PTO Announces

Spelling Bee2.jpg

Congratulations to the
9th Annual
2015 Silver Oak Spelling Bee Winners!!!


It was an exciting evening at Silver Oak's multipurpose room as 26 students faced off to see who would be the #1 top speller for 2015. The competition was tough and after a record 23 rounds, Rutvik G. won this year's spelling bee with the final word "immediacy."


Please give a big shout out to these three top sharp Silver Oak spellers who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the PTO Silver Oak Spelling Bee. (left to right) 3rd place - 5th grader Matthew D., 2nd place - 5th grader Dhruv S. and 1st place - 6th grader Rutvik G.


2015 Bee Winners.jpg

Thank you to all 26 4th - 6th grade Silver Oak students who studied and participated in the Silver Oak oral spelling bee this year!! We have many strong spellers here at Silver Oak.

Grade 4



Grade 5

Grade 6
Faith Ho R.



Rutvik now advances to compete in the Bay Area Regional Written Semifinal Spelling Bee in February 2015 at Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley.  If selected at the Written Semifinal Spelling Bee, he will compete at the Oral Final Spelling Bee in March 2015 at KPIX-TV, San Francisco. Best of luck to you Rutvik!


For more information, please contact PTO Chair Usha Gandhasri at silveroakspelling@gmail.com.


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2014 Battle of the Books Champions


Our 2014 Battle of the Books Champions


3rd/4th grade - 49ers

5th/6th grade - Book Keepers


After two assemblies featuring the final rounds of the PTO Battle of the Books tournament, Silver Oak has two new Battle of the Books champions!


The 3rd/4th grade finals were a tense affair, with the championship decided by a razor-thin 2 points with the 49ers narrowly defeating the Flaming Book Readers. Congratulations to 3rd graders Rohan M., Matthew S., Keith T., Mehul A., Rishi S. and Anton L.!

49ers 2014 winning team 3rd 4th grades.jpg


The 5th/6th grade match was also exciting, with the Book Keepers flexing their literary muscle to take the crown over the Legendary Flames of Books. Congratulations to 6th grade students Meera B., Alex L., Arvind T., Lewis P., Kashyap C., Satvik S. and Dennis P.

bookkeepers 2014 winning team 6th grade.jpg


We’d like to recognize all 121 3rd through 6th grade students who participated in this year’s Battle of the Books, and showed us how fun reading can be. Mark your calendars for next May, when the reading list for the 2015 Battle of the Books comes out. Who will be our next reading champions?

2014 Fitness Run Winners

Silver Oak PTO

Proudly Announces the Winners of

the Silver Oak 2014 Fitness Run


Congratulations to these awesome Silver Oak students and teachers who ran the most number of laps in their grade earning a personalized trophy with their name:


  Girls Boys Teacher

Claire B.

Nadia L.

Evan H.

Mrs. Trusso



Brooklynn C.

Melissa M.

Emma H.

Alia S.

Jayden L.

Richie S.

Moises T.

Mukul K.

Andrew B.

Mrs. Murnin

Kyra C.

Keelin M.

Melanie P.

Mason H.

Ethan M.


Sophie B.

Kiara R.

Kaitlyn M.

Lauren C.

Trajan S.

Owen W.

Mrs. Brown
4th Meena K.

Sam S.

Aidan M.

Christopher L.

Ms. Ellenberger

Aubrie C.

Amanda L.

Kayla H.

Jakson B.

Mrs. Tibbens

Ms. Giacomini

6th Steffi B.

Max S.

Skyler H.

Ian C.

Mr. White

thank you.png
And a BIG THANK YOU to our Fitbit student winners
for earning the highest contributions to this year's fitness run:

Fitbit winner #1

Cienna May B.
1st Grade – Mrs. Noteware

Fitbit winner #2

Matthew S.
2nd Grade –  Mrs. Clemmenson


Congratulations to the fifth grade students who organized our school-wide “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” campaign in grades 1-6. These students managed all aspects of the program which resulted in a contribution of $3,402.46. Way to go teachers Mr. Laraway, Mr. Reed and the fifth grade students for making a difference!

2014 Math Olympiad

Silver Oak Math Olympiad Team Wins math olympiad-logo.jpg

Prestigious Math Olympiad Team Achievement Award

for Second Consecutive Year


Hard work and dedication paid off for students in the Silver Oak's Math Olympiad Team this year when they were awarded the prestigious Math Olympiad Team Achievement Award. This award is only given to teams whose team score are among the top 10 percent of all teams worldwide. Our Silver Oak team was among the nearly 150,000 students who participated in the 2014 Math Olympiad program. They met weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m. to work on Olympiad problems and participated in 5 Math Olympiad contests from November to March.

It's Awards time now, and…


In addition to winning the Math Olympiad Team Achievement Award for the second consecutive year, these Silver Oak students earned these incredible achievements:


  • Three students, Ethan T., Linus T. and William W. scored among the top 98th percentile and were awarded the gold pin of recognition.
  • Thirteen students, Megana A., Satvik S., Meera B., Kashyap C., Cindy L., Avi M., Arul M., Ronak D., Kavya K., Jocelyn H., Anish P., Samuel B., Rushil S. scored among to 90-97th percentile and were awarded the silver pin of recognition.


We want to recognize each and every of the Math Olympiad Team students for their hard work and achievement. It takes a special dedication to be in class at 7 a.m. doing extra Math Olympiad homework and working through challenging Math Olympiad test questions. We are very proud to see our students take on these challenges and enjoy the problem solving!


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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

honor_roll_certificatebig-1.jpgHonor Roll is a special accommodation awarded to students who reach certain academic goals throughout the year. You must be in grades 4-6 to be eligible for the program. Gold Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's on their report card and demonstrate satisfactory citzenship (no N's or U's).  Silver Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's & B's on their report card and no N's or U's. Report cards are given out each trimester, so students have three opportunities over the course of the school year to reach Honor Roll.

Awesome Authors

 Awesome Authors

The Awesome Authors program at Silver Oak highlights students’ writing abilities.  Each week, teachers from K-6 pick one student in each class who has exhibited exceptional writing for that week.  Students then get to meet with Principal Greenfield to share their work with her, along with the other Awesome Authors of that week.  Finally, the students’ work is posted on the Awesome Authors wall in the school’s multipurpose room.




Congratulations to all our Awesome Authors