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Teacher iPad Apps

Silver Oak teachers are using these apps as teaching tools to enrich learning:

  • Common Core Standards - Want to make sense of Common Core State Standards? This app serves as a great reference point of the core standards.
  • TED - Terrific app for a source of topics, ideas, and concepts to share with co-workers or students, when appropriate.


Special Need Student iPad Apps

Finding apps for special need students can be challenging. These websites provide a list of apps compiled by educators and researchers that can help you find what you want.

  • Here's a list from Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence: http://bit.ly/DisabilityApps
  • This wiki, http://bit.ly/SpedApps2, provides a list of apps and recommendations from therapists with more than 200 cumulative years of experience working with special needs and technology.

iPads in Classrooms

iPads at Silver Oak

Second Grade Teachers Finds Many Ways

to Use iPads to Enhance Learning

in Silver Oak Classrooms


by Kristen Weiler, 2nd grade teacher


This is the second year that the Second Grade Team has incorporated the innovative tool of iPads into their classrooms, and the students are loving the learning. With the new Common Core Curriculum the second grade teaching team is able to create many cross-discipline lessons with the one to one iPads. Students are creating presentations about life cycles of plants and butterflies through the Educreations app. They are practicing the skill main idea and details, with the graphic organizer app called Popplet Lite. Recently in center group time, students are using QR codes to find the correct possessive nouns located around the room. Not only are they now doing project based learning with the iPads, they are also using apps to help them practice regrouping in math and apps to encourage fluency with their facts. Check out some of the apps they are using in their classroom below.


Student iPad Apps


Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play...



Great for work. Great for school. Popplet is a platform for your ideas. Popplet's super simple interface allows you to move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can capture your ideas and sort them visually in realtime. Quickly and easily!



Qrafter - A QR code generator that allows students to take pictures of scanned QR codes.

    Number Pieces.jpg Number Pieces Basic helps students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers.
   AR reader.jpg With the AR/STAR app, students can take quizzes on their iPAD from books they have read throughout the week.
      Brain Pop jr..jpg

BrainPopJr. is deal for kids in kindergarten through grade 3, the BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app spans subjects within Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology. The gentle, humorous, and relateable characters Annie and Moby serve as guides through each topic, empowering kids to form their own ideas.



Make math tangible with IXL Math Practice! Over 1,500 standards-aligned skills provide comprehensive coverage of K-6 math content, while hundreds of colorful awards celebrate important milestones. From skip-counting with pictures to multi-step story problems, IXL's interactive practice formats bring the joy of learning right to students’ fingertips.


     dictionary.jpg Dictionary.com is an easy way to find definitions,sentence examples, spelling suggestions, abbreviations, and more.
    ShowMe.jpg ShowMe is an app for creating and sharing whiteboard-style lessons on an iPad.


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ipads in class.jpg

Silver Oak Kindergarteners

Use iPads with Reading and Math

by Lisa Trusso, kindergarten teacher


The kindergarten teachers were very excited to be included in the iPad program that began with the 2012-2013 school year.  Because the beginning of every school year brings a variety of ability levels to kindergarten, having iPads in the classroom further allowed the kindergarten teachers the ability to differentiate for student need. Another advantage to using this new technology is for peer coaching which strengthens all students involved. Read more...



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iPads in the Classroom

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