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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Silver Oak PTO, is pleased to announce sponsorship opportunities for the 2014-15 school year. Being a Silver Oak sponsor is a great way to support your local elementary school, and at the same time, be promoted to the exclusive Silver Creek Valley Community and adjacent neighborhoods. Silver Oak PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing enrichment programs to the children of Silver Oak Elementary School.

More about how to become a PTO will be available soon.

For more information, contact Bala Sahejpal at balasahejpal@gmail.com.

Thanks to Our Partners ClubSport and Silver Creek Sportsplex!

Thank you to ClubSport and Silver Creek Sportsplex for hosting our Pledge Drive Professional Football Event at Sportsplex on November 10th, 2014.



Pledge Drive 2014

Pledge Drive Thank You Message

Pledge Drive Thank You Message from PTO President Stacey Johnston and Silver Oak Principal Rosey Gellman

Pledge Drive Ends at 86% Pledge Participation!

THANK YOU to the 86% of Silver Oak families who pledged this year!
You did an amazing job!
Here are the totals as of 10/9:

2014_1009 thermometers.png

  • Thank you for rallying behind our children to provide PTO-sponsored enriching programs! 
  • Click here to see a pledge listing (if your child's name is not on the list and you've pledged please contact us at soepto@gmail.com).
  • Click here to view your class participation.
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Brown's, Mrs. Barde's, Mrs. Richard's, Mrs. Gardener's classes for reaching 100% pledge particpation!  Your classes won popsicle parties!
  • Congratulations to the Google Field Trip winners -- the top highest pledges from grades 3-6 win a Google Field Trip with Principal Gellman.  The winners are: Nathan B., Divya V., Romina J., Matthew S., Isabella Q., Anton L., Katie L., Alex L., Daryl B., Zayaan A., and Zaid A.!  



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PTO Football Event Gets Bigger and Better

Silver Oak PTO 
In Conjunction with ClubSport and Silver Creek Sportsplex





Proudly Presents

An Afternoon with Ian Williams

and Michael Wilhoite


Ian William pic.jpg


WHO:  For every $400+ pledge for the PTO Pledge Drive, a child and a parent are invited

WHAT:  Meet starters Ian Williams, #93, and Michael Wilhoite, #57
•    Q&A with the players
•    Pose for a group photo with the players
•    Receive an autographed player photo
•    “Play with the players” at stations led by ClubSport fitness experts
WHERE:  Silver Creek Sportsplex (note location change)
WHEN:  Monday, November 10th, 2:45pm-5pm


Pledge now at so.schoolloop.com/pledgedrive!


If you wish to increase your pledge to $400+, go to so.schoolloop.com/pledgedrive to pledge the incremental amount, and send an email to soepto@gmail.com to let us know!


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How Your Pledge Dollars Are Spent

Pledge Drive Message from Principal Gellman and PTO President Stacey Johnston

Click here to see the transcript of the Pledge Drive message

Learn more and Pledge Now!

PTO Pledge Drive 2014

WHAT is the Pledge Drive? 

The 2014 PTO Pledge Drive is the annual Parent-Teacher Organization fundraiser that raises money for Silver Oak school programs that are not funded by the School District. The programs encourage STEM development (science, technology, engineering and math), as well as art, music, and language arts enrichment, and are only made available by your direct and generous contributions.


WHY Should I Pledge?

  • 91% of the PTO spending goes directly into the classroom and benefits all children.
  • The PTO invests $250 per child for all students at Silver Oak throughout the year; please invest in enriching your child’s education by pledging the suggested $250 amount or more.
  • Take advantage of the Pledge Drive’s special offers and prizes!
    • All children who pledge receive a special Silver Oak wallet!
    • The first highest 10 pledges ($400 and higher) will win a field trip to Google with Mrs. Gellman (only grades 3 to 6 are eligible for field trip).  Click here to see pictures of last year’s field trip.
    • All kids who pledge $400 and higher will be able to attend a special event with a San Francisco 49ers player at Silver Oak! 
      • The event will take place Monday November 10, 2014 after school, from approximately 2:45 - 5:00 pm
      • Meet a 49ers player and hear his story
      • Receive an autographed photo of the player
      • Take a group picture with the player


HOW Do I Pledge?

  • Pledge online at so.schoolloop.com/pledgedrive OR
  • Pledge by completing the yellow pledge form sent home with your child. Return form and check to your child's teacher. Make check payable to "Silver Oak Elementary PTO".

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What Are The Different Pledge Levels?

platinummedal.png Platinum Leve1, 2 :  $400 and above/child (You set the price!)
  • Highest 10 pledges will win a field trip to Google with Mrs. Gellman (only grades 3 to 6 are eligible for field trip)
  • A special event with a San Francisco 49ers player
  • Automatic fitness run raffle entry
  • Silver Oak wallet

Gold Level 1 : $250/child (suggested minimum)

  • Automatic fitness run raffle entry
  • Silver Oak wallet

Silver Level:  Less than $250/child (You set the price!)

  • Silver Oak wallet


Please note:

The pledge levels/ prizes are based on personal contributions only. They do not include corporate matching funds. Corporate match contribution is above and beyond pledge amount.

1:  If you choose the Platinum or Gold option for a child and you have more than one child at Silver Oak, please ensure each child has AT LEAST a $250 pledge.
2:  In the event that the 10 highest pledges include ties, earlier pledges will win based on a first-come, first-served policy.


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2013 Google Field Trip - Top 10 Pledges

Pledging at School

TIM_2072.jpg TIM_2088.jpg TIM_2092.jpg TIM_2097.jpg TIM_2102.jpg TIM_2111.jpg TIM_2116.jpg TIM_2118.jpg TIM_2120.jpg TIM_2127.jpg

Contact Info

Do you have questions on the Pledge Drive?  Email us at soepto@gmail.com

Corporate Match Programs


Donate using your employer’s matching gift program

There are many employers in the Bay Area who will match your contribution to PTO. Make your contribution mean even more! Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company provides a matching gift program. Click here for more information.


Click here to see a listing of the companies that participated in last year’s corporate match program.

Meet Silver Oak Families Who Support PTO!

"After being in private school, our children Bobby and Makayla moved to Silver Oak in 2012.  It has been such a positive and wonderful experience for us, with all that the school and PTO have to offer.  For our family, supporting the PTO, with our dollars and with our time is a “no-brainer.”  Ultimately, the direct recipients are our children…our future!"
  --Lillian Moore, for the Moore family


"The success of the PTO is dependent on both our financial resources/pledging and time. Because my husband and I believe that parents have an important role in the success of our school community, I decided to take on an active role as Treasurer of the PTO Board this year.  I wanted to give back to the Silver Oak community and show our daughter, Divya, that we all have a role in creating the best educational environment for her and her fellow students."

  -- Lakshmi (Lux) Venkat, for the Venkat family


"Our family is very grateful to Silver Oak PTO for the many excellent programs that it provides, both inside and outside the classrooms. Our children, Ethan and Linus, have participated in numerous PTO-sponsored programs including Programming, Choir, Band, Robotics, and Math Olympiad.  All these wonderful programs have greatly enriched their educational experience at Silver Oak.  Thank you, Silver Oak PTO!"
    -- Geraldine Goh, for the Tang family